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TooManyItems Mod / is a multi option tool which allow you to play with For and – TMI for Minecraft (After Release). In diesem Artikel findet ihr alle wichtigen Informationen zu der beliebten Minecraft Mod namens Too Many items , , Besonders bei neuen. Too Many Items Mod adds the ability for users to spawn items including those from external mods. Easy to use and well designed UI.

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Are there any mods this that are incompatible with? Dazu muss man einfach nur den Block raussuchen, den man gerade in Minecraft benötigt, und mit einem Klick erhält man 64 Exemplare von diesem Block. Can someone please help? However this is a good thing, allowing players to enjoy the features it introduces; easier and more efficiently. The mod itself is extremely easy to use and works well without any bugs. This thread was marked as Locked by citricsquid.

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The idea itself is simple, however the creation was made much more sophisticated then it needed to be. I have alot installed, so maybe thats causeing a problem. To the right of the normal inventory there is a searchable list of all minecraft blocks and items, including those from any other mods you have installed. September 0 Comments. The developer continues to introduce new features to this mod, simply motivated by the thought of making minecraft easier and in fact, might say to make the game of minecraft more fun. In some previous versions, to create different kinds of spawners, edit the "spawner" line in the configuration file. This is my first mod im downloading. Click the "S", "C", and "A" icons on the toolbar for survival, creative, and adventure mode, respectively. GLSL Shaders Mod for Minecraft 1. Above your inventory will be the list of adjustable game features in the list given in the features section of this review. TMI does not change any crafting recipes.


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